Creova has developed an ingenious solution that allows Microfinance institutions (MFI) to face challenges linked to:

  • The actions of the field loan agents: Lacking access throughout their field trips to customer information, loan agents would systematically have to look for and carry outdated paper files or call the branch for information to retrieve valuable information,
  • The internet connexion is the branches is usually insufficient, weak or interrupted. The connexion encounters frequent problems not allowing continuous work.

We have called our solution the Mobile Agent System (M.A.S).

The M.A.S is a universal and easy to use solution that provides loan agents true mobility and freeing the branch from its dependency on the internet connection state.

How does it work ?

The M.A.S ensures security, the optimization and data transfer from the branch server to the MIS system of the MFI. In few clicks on the mobile phone, the loan agent remotely views information relative to a loan, indicates a payment or notifies any change of status. All agents involved in the mission share, enrich the information and feed in status changes. The solution offers a complete traceability process. The lead time is reduced, as well as identification faults and the overall information is more reliable.

The M.A.S offers multiple features; the loan agent can perform the following actions for a specific loan:

  • View payment schedule
  • View transaction history
  • Apply payment notification
  • Notify a loan disbursement
  • Save the list of customers in the mobile

The M.A.S also allows a backup system in case of weak or lack of connection in the branch


The M.A.S ensures a broad compatibility. It functions with JAVA Mobile (J2ME) compatible phones, internet browser, GSM/GPRS mobile networks, CDMA, among others as well as information systems of which MIFOS. It offers:

  • Bilingual support: French and English
  • Multi-server support
  • Reinforced security with SSL encryption and a PIN for mobile phone users

The M.A.S advantages:

  • - A better knowledge of the customer: as a true CRM tool, the M.A.S allows to better know the customer, his or her level of debt and the reimbursement history so that a more adapted offer could be made. The M.A.S allows loan agents on the field to have access to information related to their customers (or potential ones) directly from their mobile.
  • - A gain in efficiency and speed of action: The M.A.S allows a significant reduction in traffic between the loan agent and the branch. It also allows continuous work in the branch, regardless of the internet connection state. It also avoids the branch staff to share a computer to access the information system. The M.A.S also ensures a reduction of exchanged data volume. In effect, with the M.A.S all operations can be accomplished in less time. For example, the cashier needs 1/3 of the time to register a transaction and 1/20 of the time to view an account history.
  • Real time transactions recording
  • Complete data traceability: The M.A.S offers a complete traceability process. It reduces the risks linked to human error by providing real time data capture and treatment, regardless of the internet connection speed and state. Information accuracy is ensured through the suppression of manual transcription that is currently used when there is a slow or dead internet connection.

Our M.A.S solution can be used for all types of loans. Beyond MFIs, it perfectly answers the needs of other financial institutions using an information system.