CCreova offers an innovative mobile payment platform, destined to financial institutions, mobile operators and ecommerce and VAD companies. We have called our platform the CMP: Creova Mobile Payment. Our platform has been successfully deployed banks and a mobile operator.

The platform “Creova Mobile Payment” (CMP) allows you to offer universal payment services with reliability and security. It integrates a system capable of processing, in parallel, millions of transactions and offer completely secure solutions. It manages the critical aspects:

  • Protection of the financial transactions and people’s data
  • Transaction performance in terms of speed and reliability,
  • As well as scalability and service availability

The CMP is compatible with the majority of mobile devices and ensures an access to the services through the most common and secure channels: SMS, USSD, JAVA, Internet Mobile, Symbian, Iphone, Blackberry, and other Smartphones in development.

The uniqueness of CMP’s technological innovation comes from our solid experience acquired in the financial and telecom sectors. Its unique character is expressed through the following points :

  • It is relatively simple to use and offers a true optimization and user experience
  • It is totally modular and allows an access to solutions that meet your present and future needs
  • It ensure interoperability with the set up of a multi-bank, multi-operator system

CMP The CMP is particularly simple to use and allows you to optimize the user experience: The CMP offers particularly intuitive solutions. The information presented on our interface allows a simple guidance through the required information and gives the user the desire to move forward. It represents a key asset that allows you to increase traffic as well as customer satisfaction. It also proposes user friendly, ergonomic and multi lingual interfaces to ensure a rapid adoption of its solutions by its customers.
Our platform allows as well to have customized interfaces with the different partners’ information systems.

CMP 2. A high value added platform that adapts easily to your specific needs: The CMP allows a rich mobile financial applications ensemble, like the national and international remittances, mobile top up for oneself or others, person to person payment, bill payment, ticketing (sports, travel, etc), money deposit and withdrawal as well as a group of account management options like checking account balance, viewing a detail history of payments. Our customers would then propose a number of services under our white brand CMP.
The rich and totally modular design of the platform was set up to allow our customer a quick go to market deployment and to then add new applications based on their needs.
Below are some examples of innovative applications, proving an avant-gardism as well as a modular conception of Creova’s platform. (Schéma)

CMP Our platform ensures total interoperability:
The CMP is a unique platform designed to host a heterogeneous environment, where a partnership model could be pt in place between the different players, like banks, mobile operators, ecommerce companies, merchants and eventually utility companies (water, electricity,…). These players would share a common platform to cover the whole market and offer interoperability.
We are developing for each partner an « external account » with which he can interact with the platform. The integration of theses accounts is fast and simple. It is made possible through an API (Application-Protocol-Interface) set up, valid for all types of services.