Our technological solutions allow us to optimize your return on investment by reaching an equilibrium between:

  • The rapid spread of innovation linked to a secure transfer system
  • The power of reinforcing your competitiveness while allowing interoperability between different systems.
  • The possibility to offer your customers a large number of options while ensuring security and ease of use.

Creova has taken strong engagements in terms of security of transactions, ease of use as well as openness and interoperability to offer its customers technological solutions with high value added, financially viable and particularly intuitive.

At Creova, security is priority number one :

  • We provide PIN and private data protection as well as various attacks and frauds protection.
  • The Registration, activation and deployment of our solutions are secure. All transactions are protected with an ID and a personal password. After three wrong trials, the system locks the account.
  • The application recognizes the phone number and is not activated when the SIM card is exchanged by another one.
  • All transactions are private and crypted according to a specific protocol (…)
  • The system sets a maximum amount not to be exceeded for any specific period (day, month).
  • No personal or financial information is stored in the phone memory, decreasing the risk of exposure in case of a phone theft. All the information relative to the account is stored in the bank’s server.

Creova has also achieved a high level of security without compromising ease of use: Security does not add complexity. This represents a great technological achievement and performance in the sector. Our competence is expressed through our capacity to handle all available mobile technologies to ensure ease of use and comfort for the end user.


Our solutions are not just a transposition of web solutions on the mobile. Our 8 years of experience in mobile technologies allow us to propose solutions that fit into the mobile world but also though and designed based on the specificities of this device for the purpose of being ergonomic and intuitive.

Creova’s platform allows its customers and partners to eventually take advantage of its connectivity to link it to other brands, sharing a common database in order for them to target a specific and common population. With its architecture, the Creova Mobile Platform (CMP) allows partner companies to build a common ecosystem capable of growing and extending through mutual enrichment.


- Creova is among the pioneers in the world to offer complete turnkey financial solutions: M/E-Wallet, M-Payment, money transfer and M-Banking. Thanks to its technological platform, it allows its customers to benefit from a large number of solutions while ensuring a high level of security, ease of use and performance.