« Purchases through the mobile represent an important advantage compared to those made through the computer: a number of people have a 24 hours access to their mobile, distributors can really propose their products and services in a « mobility context». (Frank Durousset, Director of Light speed Research France)

In France, 62% of the 15 to 50 years old using mobile internet are interested by the mobile ecommerce. 65% of the mobile internet users know of at least one mobile commerce service, and 40% have used at least such a service at least once (Ipsos study, 2008). In the US, 58% of internet shoppers have a mobile phone allowing browsing. Among this group, 1 out of 10 already used their mobile for a purchase, 16% compared prices on their mobile and another 16% have looked for technical specifications of a product (Mobile Internet Shopping Trend study done by PriceGabber.com)

Creova allows ecommerce companies and catalog retailers to successfully exploit such a selling channel owned by 67% of the world’s population.
We offer you complete, turnkey solutions integrating all the necessary elements to launch a mobile payment service. Our solutions are adapted to your specific needs and guarantee a high level of security.
We therefore offer you the opportunity to:

  • Exploit a personal mass media, ubiquitous, connected, connectable and available anytime.
  • Communicate towards people who don’t have internet access and develop an extra selling channel
  • Extend further their territory and exploit a potential 4.6 Billion contacts all over the world through marketing actions with the possibility to reach your qualified contacts anytime
  • Differentiate from the competition through communication on an innovation image based on creative technological solutions
  • Increase customer loyalty by proposing a targeted relationship program