International remittance through the mobile present a huge commercial opportunity to seize: Each year about 200 million migrant workers send money to their home country on a regular basis. The registered annual flows are around $300 billion. (Information Department of the United Nations - May 2009

Creova’s international remittance solution allows financial institutions to lower their costs of international transfer by lowering the need to have physical points of sale or branches. It allows the FI to offer a more accessible international remittance service, hence open for the larger population. Customers will find may points of satisfaction in using this service: it offer a simple, instantaneous and totally secure transfer. It also offers a better comfort and commodity by avoiding them an extra travel to the branch and its opening constraints

Our international remittance solutions is also designating a real alternative to those international banks wishing to establish such a service on a global scale but are facing high costs linked to the establishment of the traditional infrastructure.