By integrating the social aspect in our activities, we consider ourselves as socially responsible. Through our functioning, we try to show that social and financial gains are not incompatible, and we are therefore keen on confirming our position as useful change actors through our actions.

This is why we have gone the extra mile to design, as an addition to our platform grouping all the mobile payment solutions, a product allowing Microfinance Institutions to implement the innovative concept of « branchless banking » defended by the CGAP. This product, called Mobile Agent System, allows continuous operability in the branches and gives access to the field agents, which in turn provides a better service and more transparency to the entrepreneurs.

We have worked hard to lower the deployment cost of this tool, making it accessible to all MFIs, regardless of their size and infrastructure.

Our support to the MFIs in their mission against poverty and the promotion of the underprivileged population is expressed through our relationship, based on a true partnership and commitment, going beyond a simple commercial link. Mobilizing our resources and energy to promote our customers’ actions is the leitmotiv we are concentrating our efforts on.